For the most prompt replies, please contact us by messaging us on our Facebook page. General inquiries can also be directed to

By Phone: (832) 898-1088


New Comics!

Do you want to try stand up?

We currently have 5 comedy open mics:

Sunday night at 10pm - show up at 9pm to sign up; 5 minutes stage time

Monday night at 10pm - show up at 9:30pm to sign up; 5 minutes stage time

Tuesday at midnight - show up at 11pm; 5 minutes stage time

Wednesday at 10pm - show up at 9:30pm; 5 minutes stage time

Thursday 9:30pm - email between 12pm Sunday and 12pm Wednesday; 5 minutes stage time

Start times often vary so be sure to check our event listings week of to be safe!

Tenured Comics

Are you going to be in Houston and want any available stage time? Shoot us an email with COMIC in the subject line. Give use a short introduction, what dates you’ll be in town, and any relevant video links. We’ll take a look at it and get back to you on if we have any shows we can fit you on. E-mail:

Also check out the Houston comedy stage time group on facebook - many of our shows are booked by the showrunners and they almost all are in that group.

Musical Acts and Professional Comics

For serious inquiries contact Andrew. Put as much information about your event or act into your email as possible. Dates, expected attendance, technical needs, etc. He will only respond to serious inquiries.



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